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By Pramilla: Greetings from Sanya Bay – China!

As part of my education (3rd year of a bachelor degree) I had to do a 1-year internship either in Nepal or abroad. My university offered its top 50 students the opportunity to do their internship in China in a 5 Star hotel. Since I ranked 35, I got selected!

So here I am, in China!

I live in Sanya Bay – often called the “Hawaii of Asia”… Sanya Bay is located in the southern tip of the Chinese tropical island of Hainan. The place is really lovely with beautiful beaches (first time in my life I see beaches….), clear water, sand, tropical fish, coconut trees…. The beach is just a 3 minute walk from the place where I live, so I often go with my friends just to roam and relax.

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay

The hotel where I work is the Howard Johnson Resort (

This is a huge, 5 Star hotel. All staff working in that hotel lives in the same place. There is lots of staff. I share a nice and spacious room with 5 of my friends (all from my university).

Airscape-sanya bay

The first 3 to 4 month of my internship I work as a waiter at the Chinese restaurant (within the Resort). I don’t have a fixed working schedule, as the timing can change from one day to another, but I need to work 8 to 9 hours per day, 5 days a week. After 10 pm I always have free time, which is not the case of everyone, as most people here work very late at night. This may be because it’s really hot during the day, so that most people work during the night, I don’t know.


I am paid for my work. On December 5th, I got my first monthly salary which is Nepali Rs.10,000 (about 100 EUR); I opened a bank account here in the place where I live !

As part of my educational curriculum I also have to attend college two days a week (the 2 days I don’t work). I have joined a college called Sanya Aviation and Tourism College. The college fees (which I have to pay) amount to Nepali Rs.7,000 per month, which I pay out of my salary. I take Chinese classes.


Overall, the place is great, the work is interesting and people are friendly. The only thing that is difficult to adjust is the food! I find the food truly awful; in one month I had already lost a couple of kilos!! But there is a small shop close to my room, where I buy things to eat whenever I feel hungry.

Sanya Bay

I am very fortunate! Working and studying abroad is a great experience. This is a great opportunity to discover the beautiful world we live in, meet new people and know another culture and new ways of living. Thank you SEA for everything!


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  1. Congratulations Pramilla I am happy for you and I wish you all the best for the New Year and the future

  2. This is a fabulous story ! I would love to be there myself !

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