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Nima moved to an independent lodging ! December 2018

In August 2018, Nima warned us that it would be most convenient for him to rent a room closer to his college, for the following motives :

  • While going to his college from Home, he was more and more stuck in 30 to 60mn traffic jams. Consequently, he missed a number of classes and got home late to prepare his assignments on time.
  • Sometimes, he had to go to early classes at 6:00 am and then he had to stay in college for extra period, until new classes start.
  • In addition, to prepare group projects, he needed to be close to his classmates to better interact.

Based on these reasons and considering that living alone at his age, for the coming 2 years up to his Bachelor degree, would be a fruitful experience, SEA accepted his request.

Nima promised that, once in a month, he will be visiting Home and prepare the expense reports with Tara for SEA Paris. Deepak, Saroj and Sudeep can also respond if need be, which would be a good learning experience for them. If they require any kind of help, he said he will always welcome it.

Mid-November 2018, with his friend, Nikesh, he found a room in the Baneshwor district, where two people could be adjusted. The room is spacious with good facilities of water and electricity running for 24 hours. From there, it takes about 10 minutes to reach his college by walk.  So, he doesn’t need to get extra money for transportation.

The rent (including electricity and water) is 3,750 NPR/month for each. There are some unused items like single bed, kitchen rags and bookshelf stored in the room. SEA will provide him with an additional 3,750 NPR/month for gas, food (including college lunch), toiletries and pocket expenses.

Near the room there is a vegetable market, where they can find varieties of vegetables with a reasonable price. Another plus point is that some of his classmates are also living nearby that area.

He shifted to his room, at the end of November, when his college classes were stopped.



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  1. I am happy for Nima who was ready to be on his own.

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