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“Facing of new challenges & experiences in a foreign land” by Jyoti Dhakal, Dec 2019

I always wished to study abroad once in my life-time and wanted to face the challenges and life-style in a foreign land. Never knew where my desire was leading me toward.

After completing my Bachelor degree, I started my career at Cognizant Technology Solution Pvt Ltd where I made great friends and gained new experience. But I wanted to continue further my studies. After two years of work experience I took a further step and decided to return to Nepal so that I would be better able to start the preparation process for postgraduate study.

The money I had saved during the time when I worked in Bangalore helped me to cover up for my test preparation materials. I gave my exam and continued the processing after a few months of receiving my grades. I started the application to universities in the United States and Australia. Things didn’t work out as planned and expected; my first preference was to get into one of the universities in the United States with a scholarship or with reasonable tuition fees which didn’t go as predicted.

When I received an offer letter from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, I started my application process with that university. My far relative –aunty was ready to finance me and lent a loan to me for my 1st semester college fees. There were certain terms and condition attached. My mother too did contribute all her saving so that I could achieve my dreams and have a better life in the days to come.

I was still in dilemma whether I was taking the right step or not. Whether I will be able to meet up the expectation of the people I care for. I took a studies loan and managed money through different sources.

Life here isn’t easy as it seems. I couldn’t find a job when I first came here. Every people struggle in their own way to manage money for rent, food and other basic expenses. Luckily, I was introduced to a Nepalese family who has been staying here for 4 years in Toowoomba, Australia. They did help me out a lot. I was jobless for 5 months. After my 1st semester exam I started again looking out for jobs and was able to get a job in a Vietnam Restaurant as a waitress in cash. And I started managing my expenses. Along with it I do a volunteer work on weekends at Vinnies, Toowoomba, where I get to spend quality time with children who are from difficult and unstable background. We assist them in different activities and programs.

I enjoy doing volunteer activities. We had Toowoomba Carnival festival in the city where I was a part of a small volunteer team. I did face paint for the kids.

2019 Jyoti Australia 1

My first day in the University was a good one, I have two very close friends whom I met during the orientation day, though there are from engineering course; we all do get along very well and see each other most of the time during college fests and programs.

2019 Jyoti Australia 2

“During Nepalese Association Day”

I have just recently started my work at Infinite Age Care facilities as an Assisting in Nursing- Personal Care Worker, where you take care of elderly, dementia and disability resident. I like taking care of elderly people, spending time with them and knowing their stories. You build a different kind of attachment with them which is very rare and good feeling. I feel happy serving them as part of my job. My first day at work was on 23rd December 2019. Being part of the Infinite Care team was a bit lengthy process and getting through it was tough as I had a different background; they do prioritize student from nursing field. I had interview on October before my exam and got the response after 2 months at the end of November. I was really happy to get through it. Finding a job here is also a big challenge.

My 2nd semester will start from February 22nd. I am working on trying to save money for my university fees. Every cent does count; coming to a foreign land, managing things on your own is very difficult. You got to work hard, be mentally prepared and ready to face any hurdles.

I must say, I have always been blessed and lucky to find good people and families around who have helped me out during my worst time. I didn’t know anyone out here, didn’t have a fixed place to stay, didn’t know what I would do and how would I manage.2019 Jyoti Australia 3

 “Family with whom I stay “

The family I am staying with right now has always made me feel home. They did support me and encouraged me time and again when I was de-motivated and lost. To be frank, I felt hopeless when I was not finding a job. I started paying for my rental and other expenses recently, till then I was not paying for any of my expenses. I like staying with them but might have to shift to unit-student village when my 2nd semester starts and am planning to stay with friends.

The teaching system, program and assignments are quite different from those in Nepal and India. I was scared that I would fail at my exams, as assignments were very different. I had two online subjects as well, everything seemed really confusing and difficult to grasp during the first semester of my course. Thankfully, I did clear my exam. I was literally scared on my result.

I plan to work hard and with full determination to achieve my dreams. I want to provide a good life to my mother, be a successful and independent person and be able to do something in return for the Sea Organization.

My mother and I will always be thankful toward the support and a big help from the sea organization. My life would have been very different without them and I do feel very much lucky in this matter. I heartily thank each sponsor in the Sea Organization for providing me a very blessed and fortunate life.

2019 Jyoti Australia 4

               “Toowoomba Volunteer Appreciation Day”

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