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In life, every end is a new beginning & a challenge: just trust your instinct… By Jyoti, July 2021

16 juillet 2021

Coming abroad has been a huge challenge and a dream I had been chasing. It is not easy when you are not financially strong and if you do not have people supporting you. For me it was like an impossible dream, but I always had that deep desire to study abroad, work there for a… Lire la suite ›

« Do Not Believe Me When I Say… » by Pratikshya, June 2021

As I finish my Master of Arts degree in International Studies and History from the reputed Christ University (Bangalore, India) at a time when the world is fiercely hit by the global pandemic of COVID-19, I too am not an exception. I am pretty jobless. Not to say that am not looking for one but… Lire la suite ›

Shanker’s job at Vision Dolpa, Aug 2020

Please find below the link to a video showing Shanker in his current job with the NGO « Vision Dolpa ». After a few years with the NGO, « Teach For Nepal », he recently joined Vision Dolpa to teach English in Crystal Mountain School, Dho-Tarap. Dho-Tarap is one of the highest-altitude hamlets (4,100 meters !) of western Nepal,… Lire la suite ›

THE PANDEMIC IN NEPAL, by Anga (Apr 15th, 2020)

BACKGROUND  Following the WHO pandemic announcement, on March 11, Nepal suspended all visa delivery and trekking permits to foreigners. All schools completed exams (below grade 10) by March 18 as per government order. Then, starting March 24, a nationwide lockdown was set up, cancelling all domestic and international flights, postponing exams for rest, as well… Lire la suite ›

“Facing of new challenges & experiences in a foreign land” by Jyoti Dhakal, Dec 2019

I always wished to study abroad once in my life-time and wanted to face the challenges and life-style in a foreign land. Never knew where my desire was leading me toward. After completing my Bachelor degree, I started my career at Cognizant Technology Solution Pvt Ltd where I made great friends and gained new experience…. Lire la suite ›

Everything Happens for a Reason! by Pratikshya, Dec 2019

I enter my classroom trying to avoid any eye contact as possible. I sit at the third row possibly because I am too hesitant to walk around the class. Precisely, I do not want to be seen; I am nervous. So nervous I could hear my heartbeat! We start with introducing ourselves. My turn comes…. Lire la suite ›

From Ashes (Kharani), to Aashaa (Hope), to Ananda (Extreme Happiness) by Rajindra

Let me first explain to you the title. The first word is an English word “ashes”, translated as “kharani” in Nepali, the second word is a Nepali word “Aasha”, which means hope, and the third word is also a Nepali word “Ananda”, which means extreme happiness. So this is basically how the pattern of my… Lire la suite ›

Finally a Master!!! by Shanker

It is hard for a normal person to believe that a kid who had absolutely nothing has actually become someone with an identity in his early 20’s. Normally, these kinds of stories exist only in the movies and if it happens in the real world it happens to the very lucky ones. I am among… Lire la suite ›

Story to my book: Our One-Day Trip to Talakadu, by Pasang

Trips are like a story to a book. We can fill the pages of the book with our memories, thoughts and feelings. Doing a journey gives a good exercise to our mind as we can enjoy keeping aside our day-to-day problems. It makes us feel happy, excited and relaxed. It is one of the sources of… Lire la suite ›

A Trainee Life in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by Samjhana (Dec 2016)

It has been five months since my training in STRIDES SHASUN Ltd[1] began and it has been a tough and eventful time. I have chosen “Pharmaceutical Analysis” as the main field for my Master Degree at the PES College of Pharmacy in Bangalore. To complete my Master, I have to produce a project, which is… Lire la suite ›

Being NITian, by Anga

Last July, I joined Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), one of the most reputed Indian National Institutes of Technology (NITs). The NITs are among the top colleges in India. There are 31 NITs across India, and it is competitive to get in top ones. Non Residential Indians and foreigners – like me –… Lire la suite ›

Diplômes obtenus depuis 2012

2012 Shree, Diplôme d’ingénieur, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, Inde. Raj Kumar, Licence en Business Management, Garden City College, Bangalore, Inde. 2013 Pasang, Baccalauréat, HSEB, Katmandou ; est actuellement en 4ème et dernière année de Licence en Pharmacie, PES, Bangalore, Inde. Sarita Junior, Baccalauréat, HSEB, Katmandou ; est actuellement en 3ème et dernière année de… Lire la suite ›

By Pratiksha: Working With Children

It is interesting to realize how children make you learn things that you have never thought of. Children are the ones who have actually taught me life’s greatest lessons. We do not realize this until we actually “work with children”. I am just like you. For me children had never been so important. But that… Lire la suite ›

By Rajindra: Good seed and bad seed

There are lots of tensed moments in life and unhappy moments as well – which include moments that you regret a lot in life. I have thought a lot about these… and I would like here to share with you this “secret formula” that, I feel, may have the power to change human beings forever… Lire la suite ›

By Rajindra: A very special trip

Today is May 19, 2014, in Bangalore. We have just shifted to our new flat. But why should I talk about today? Because today is actually a very special day: we are going for a trip to GOA! GOA is a 14-hour trip by bus. I have never travelled that long on bus, and I… Lire la suite ›

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