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By Thomas: Goldsmith and a Street Kid………

There was a famous goldsmith, well known among the jewelers. Unfortunately he was lonely and had no successor for his work. So one day he went off to the streets to seek for the best person who could work with him.

In the street, while he was walking, a small street kid came and asked: »Give me one rupee please ».

Enfants des rues - Népal

Enfants des rues – Népal

His heart filled with compassion, he dropped a 100-rupee note at the boy’s hand.

The whole day he searched for the best people and invited some to work for him but everyone gave some excuses and refused to work with him.

While he was returning back he saw the same street kid fighting with other street kids. He stopped the fight and asked the street kid: « Why were you fighting? ».

The street kid replied: « They tried to take away the 100 rupees you had given me ».

Enfants des rues - Katmandou

Enfants des rues – Katmandou

Goldsmith thought for a while and then he decided to take the boy with him. He gave him a bath, nice food to eat and a clean soft bed to sleep. The boy was a quick learner and he learnt some secrets of gold making.

Almost a month passed but something was happening to the street kid. He was missing the street. He missed the dirty garbage, platforms, stealing, running, friends and other street adventure stuffs. He used to be uncomfortable at the soft bed and could not sleep because he was used to the streets. The clean room was like a prison to him. The work that goldsmith had was like slavery to him. The street kid was desperately street-sick and he began to think of how he could run away from goldsmith.

One day it happened. The street kid stole some of the gold and ran very far away.

Enfants des rues, Népal

Enfants des rues, Népal

Goldsmith found what happened. But he did not give up on the boy. He already knew how to purify gold. He knew gold is purified until the image of its face is seen as the liquid gold that is purged in fire. So he went off to seek for the boy at every corner of the street. One month passed, he did not find the boy. Still he pursued to seek the boy.

One day it happened. He found the street kid lying at the base of the electric poles because he had been bitten by a dog at the legs. Goldsmith as always was filled with compassion and ran towards the boy and rushed the boy to hospital.

Enfants des rues, Népal

Enfants des rues, Népal

The street kid already knew that his master had forgiven him. Almost 6 months passed. All these six months the boy longed to go to the streets. Fortunately he could not because he was badly hurt in the legs. After six months he began to walk but slowly. Fortunately certain changes started to come to his life. He started loving clean life because he took bath every day. He slept in the soft bed for months and now was pessimistic about the platforms. He loved the good food goldsmith prepared for him. He started liking the work of goldsmith.

After he was healed goldsmith taught him the secrecy of gold purifying. The boy loved working with goldsmith.

One day it happened:

Goldsmith: « If you want to return to the streets then you are still free ».
Street Kid: « No, now I am gold because you have purified me. The value of gold always increases. You have brought me out of streets and have given me high value by forgiving me and loving me. »

The rest of the story is history. The boy grew up and became the wealthiest goldsmith. He gave work to the people who are in rags and changed people’s life. He gave hope to the hopeless.

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  1. thank you for publishing it……i am so happy and touched…

  2. Je suis contente d’avoir de bonnes nouvelles des enfants. Les efforts des uns et des autres donnent de bons résultats dont je me réjouis.

  3. La traduction française est toujours fantaisiste ! en résumé, je suis très contente des progrès des enfants et les félicite.

  4. Merci à RAJKUMAR de sa contribution illustrée de photos très parlantes lesquelles sont malheureusement représentatives d’une cruelle réalité.

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