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By Rajindra: Good seed and bad seed

There are lots of tensed moments in life and unhappy moments as well – which include moments that you regret a lot in life. I have thought a lot about these… and I would like here to share with you this “secret formula” that, I feel, may have the power to change human beings forever and bring this inner peace one always hopes for. To explain about this I have to tell you about the GOOD SEED AND THE BAD SEED.

But firstly let me tell you about seed.


This an internal part of everyone which grows and can be cut down any time we want. Seed is the actual you and the way you think about everything in life. This is, I believe, what you have in your heart and in your soul. This is what makes you live for, and every decision you make in life depends on it. Its main objective is to grow and bear fruit in you, which includes bringing feeling to your relationships. But the problem is that we have two seeds, one is “bad” and another is “good”.


This seed is a seed that produces a plant which grows tall and bears bad fruit like hatred, jealousy, impatience, sadness, sorrow, pain, guilt, badness, unkindness, unforgiveness, unfaithfulness, lack of self control, etc. Every bit of thing that makes you feel this way is a bad seed. If you feel this way, you may have noticed that the bad seed tends to grow easily: it does not matter where it started from it will grow, because ultimately you give more value to those things. This plant doesn’t need a lot of “sunlight” or a lot of “water” to grow, as it can easily sustain itself. It usually grows fast. This seed grows into a plant and later into a tree which will be able to grow fruits that are usually bad. This seed is almost always in a position to fight the good seed and suppress it. Most often, it will try to dominate the good seed, while never letting sunlight for good seed to grow.


This is a seed that produces a plant which grows tall and bears good fruit like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. This is something which is the greatest enemy of the bad seed. It will always oppose the bad seed and despise it. Good seed will grow only if you try to water the plant by practicing all of the above fruits, equally. This plant is weaker than the other one, because it usually takes a long time to grow, and also because it needs a lot of water and sunlight to grow. This plant needs your efforts.

After telling you all of this you might be wondering what is “water” and what is “sunlight”, right? So let me tell you what exactly I believe this is.

Sunlight is the speech coming from the other persons’ point of view. It is simply words which touches you. Often, someone tells to you to do this or that no matter whether it is good or bad. If you listen to these words you can possibly create a sun light to your inner seed and allow it to grow. So if you listen to words of good things it will help your good seed to grow; conversely, if you listen to words of bad things it will help your bad seed to grow – since every plant needs to grow.

Water is the actions that people do. And these actions may touch you no matter whether they are good or bad. And people may want others to emulate their actions. Action is your point of view toward life, at every stage in your life. This is the most important thing to give moister to the soil as well as minerals and life to any plant.

So you have to understand which plant your speech and your actions will give life to and which fruit consequently is encouraged to grow.


Long time back I heard about miracles, and this got me very excited. This told me about the balance of growth between bad seed and good seed – which measures, I believe, whether you are in peace or tensed in your life.

I am sure everyone has seen movies and come to realize that the good tends to often win over the bad (being usually the end of the movie). And do you know why it tends to happen this way? I think I know the reason why: it is that unless the good wins the fight is never over.

Even if the goodness is as small as the seed inside you it will challenge and fight against the bad seed until the latter loses and dies. Good seed is a permanent seed planted in every human being. Even small the good seed can never die, as it is an intrinsic part of human beings, which is naturally given upon birth. And it can win over the bad seed if the latter dies because of a lack of water and sunlight.

If there is a clash among these seeds in you I believe that you cannot attain peace in life and in your relationships.


It is possible (at least I feel that way) that to be able to overcome the bad seed you need to uproot it completely (given its tendency to grow fast).

How to achieve this? In my experience, meditating is the answer. By saying “meditating” I mean spending time alone thinking about your present and your past, examining what you did that made you feel bad or good. Meditating helps you get a clear picture that perhaps any psychiatric could give. Ask your-self why you are doing this and that. All you need to do is to question yourself, and the answer, I believe, will ultimately be clear.

These reflections are purely based upon my own experience, and they have helped me overcome important challenges in my life. Perhaps (and this is my hope) they will be of interest and help for others – helping them to alleviate their pain and unhappiness.

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  1. Rajindra, j’aime beaucoup ta « formule secrète ». J’espère qu’elle t’apporte la sérénité et l’harmonie. Bien à toi.

  2. Many thanks, my dear Rajindra, for the water and the sunlight you bring to me.

  3. i don’t know all this just poped in my head so i started writing. hope you all will enjoy it reading.

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