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« Do Not Believe Me When I Say… » by Pratikshya, June 2021

As I finish my Master of Arts degree in International Studies and History from the reputed Christ University (Bangalore, India) at a time when the world is fiercely hit by the global pandemic of COVID-19, I too am not an exception. I am pretty jobless. Not to say that am not looking for one but as we all have witnessed how sensitive the world economy has been at this point of time. Hence, I suffer! Nonetheless, keeping up safe and motivated at such difficult times is what makes us going in life. I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. 

Now, let me take you to my ‘Do Not Believe Me If I Say This’ series. I hope you enjoy! 

Life in College: Keeping up with the talented, fearless and confident students from my class is one biggest thing I did. But, do not believe me when I say my professors, my classmates, my mentors and finally the International Affairs department of Christ University helped me overcome all my fears, self-doubts and instilled confidence in me. Why? For that, you may have to become a part of the Christ family to explore the beauty of the University- the luscious green environment of the campus, highly qualified and experienced professors, challenging and energy-draining assignments, engaging classrooms, interesting extra-curricular activities, ever-loving friends and just being yourself around with other international students. 

Life in Bangalore:  Bangalore known as India’s Silicon Valley is also the fourth richest city in terms of GDP. Another name for Bangalore is City of Lakes. Do not believe me when I say Bangalore treats you better than any city you can think of in the world. The multicultural, multilingual, multireligious, name any kind and you will witness everyone, everything coexisting. The city boasts of extravagant shopping malls, temples, hills, pubs and many others. Do not believe me! You have to come down to Bangalore to witness this thrilling experience for yourself. 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.: Do not believe me when I say that you will find the most amazing people here in Bangalore. It surely has to do with hosting people from all parts of India and around the world. No body judges you here. People mind their own business. But again, do not believe me! 

Places in and around Bangalore: Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state in the South of India. The city has many lakes and gardens and amusing park and hills which makes any visitor easily fall in love with. Besides this, there are other states in the South which are euqally beautiful and touristic. Now will you believe me when I say there are chilling hills to sparkling, blue sea waters to rocky mountains in this part of the country- which is geographically known as the hosttest region? Do not believe me. Come see the beauty and fall in love with the region! 

Adopting stray animals: Do not believe me when I say humans have learned to love and pet animals. I know, that’s sad! Nonetheless, I had adopted a cat who was originally brought from the streets to the house. I accidentally happened to cross the path with this cute little cat and instantly fell in love with so I had to adopt him. Best part was, I got to keep him during the first lockdown that took place in April 2020 in India. That was my very first experience to ever have a cat as a pet. He was the one who proved all the cat myths wrong. Nepal is a superstitious country and we all have been a part of this deeply-rooted system of believing what our ancestors believed in. He gave me the best memories and good time. However, he died just a couple of month ago. Losing him was the worst phase of my life. Meow will forever stay in my heart. 

I was just walking around the street and suddenly I see this cat on the corner. I go pass him. I thought he would mew at me for getting closer to him. He turned out to be really sweet. He only wanted love and attention. I did not bring him home at our first meeting but Helen mom insisted me to bring home so that the new cat can heal me from my previous loss. I went to the same place, found him and now he is my new pet. He has been helping me heal my loss but yet to build stronger connection with him. I believe we both will! 


So, that was my Do Not Believe Me series. This is solely based on my experience in Bangalore so far and I must say I have lived my best days here. If you too want to experience and build beautiful memories, Bangalore is the city for you. 

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