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By Jyoti : Awesome days in Nepal…

How eagerly I had been waiting for this days to come and never did I realize  the passing of the time. Right now I am in Bangalore but all those memories are still afresh in my mind. How much I wish I had few more days of  holiday to stay there a bit longer, I felt sad to say goodbye and to return back so early.

During my exams, I had been thinking about the days and making plans for and how I was going to  spend each day with full of energy and new hopes.

I really had a great time in Nepal, each day was wonderful, new things to do and new plans to be followed. It felt good to be home after a year and a half month. How much I missed being there, the surrounding there, climate and different places. Every thing seems to be different and beautiful.

I missed my mother, SEA family and my friends. It was great spending time with them, sharing different stories and incidents. This time i visited many places like boudhanath, Sindhupalchok  jalbire (my village), fun park, my friends place, etc.

jalbire (my village)



image007 (1)

Fun Park


I read some novels during my holiday, went to distribute couching classes  pamphlets and leaflet for 3 days and had earned Rs150 per day, which I felt great about. Thanks to Raj dai – he was the one who had helped me -,  I had a great time with him.  Through him I got to know many people and made friendly connection with many of them, it was fun and wonderful.  Every day was bright and special.

I even gave tuition to the children at home, check their homework, played many games with them and spend some valuable time with them. It was great knowing them, many children were new to me (especially children from Dhading ). All the kids at home are quite charming , friendly and helpful . I loved spending time with them and knowing them well.



 SEA home


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children at studying room doing their homework


I met Helen  mummy, Fabienne  and Jocelyne mom this time in Nepal. It was great to see them and to spend some time with them.

We even  celebrated Helen mummy’s birthday at SEA home. It was one of the enjoyable moment celebrated at home. Tara didi and Sabita didi had prepared different food items for the birthday celebration. All the children had performed different  dances, songs item etc. Pratikchya was the organizer of the program. She had organized the program very well  and did her best. Before the beginning of the program and at each end she gave a brief description of each dance  and songs items. It was like a family gathering function. It was fun, everybody enjoyed a lot and all the kids did their best and performed very well.They weren’t  nervous at all and shy instead they were full of excitement and enthusiasm.



Holidays are always wonderful, special and full of excitement especially when you get a chance to spend such weekend and time with all your family and friends. They are the source of your happiness and joy. They inspire you and give you hope and encouragement especially when you have up and downs in life.

And I am always thankful, happy and so grateful towards Sea and to say that, i do have such family, friends  back at home who are always there for me. Its great to have such  loving and caring  friends and family. And it  feels good  to be at home any time at Nepal and I do believe everyone does  feels the same ……




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  1. Ravie de constater que JYOTI a apprécié son retour au Home et que tous y ont pris du plaisir. Une vraie famille.

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