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By Samjhana: A day of Solidarity and Remembrance

Our college is currently applying renewal of accreditation by the Government. For this occasion, our college’s principal asked each class to choose one day to celebrate a particular event.

Our class decided to celebrate the « WORLD FOOD DAY » on October 16th. And we, the students of B. Pharmacy 4th year, along with our class teacher decided to celebrate this day by providing food to children of an orphanage.


We collected 100 rupees from each student of our class to donate to the orphanage, so that on that very day we would be the ones who would nourish all the children of the orphanage.

We also organized a rally from our college to the orphanage.

We donated our old clothes to the children as well as stationary items. Jyoti and I gave them some of our clothes.


The B. Pharmacy 3rd-year students joined us.

We left our college at 9:30am to reach the orphanage by 10:30am.

The orphanage is called « ANATHASHISHU NIVASA ».

We spent the whole day at the orphanage and I got ample time to observe the conditions there. We saw the dining room, the study room and the bedrooms of the children. I believe that the persons responsible for looking after the children are taking good care of them.


They have separate buildings for boys and girls. The children were aged 2-to-15 years. We played with the children. Some of the kids sang songs and even danced for us. The teachers who were accompanying us also sang for the children. We sang, as well.


While seeing these children, I thought of my own life in our SEA home. Our SEA home is like a family, rather than a hostel. I have visited many hostels, but I could never find one like the SEA home.

I miss my days there and all the people there.

We are lucky to be sponsored by you and other sponsors, and to get all the facilities that the other normal children usually get from their parents.

Thank you mom and other sponsors for everything you have done for us.

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  1. Très bel exemple de solidarité. Bravo SAMJHANA !

  2. Good job Samjhana and thanks for comment about how special SEA is !

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