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By Samjhana: My experience so far in Bangalore

I passed my +2 (grade 12) in Nepal and I came to Bangalore last year, in November, to start a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. It’s a 4-year full time course. I have finished my first year course and am about to enter the second year.

Before coming here I was afraid as well as excited to go to Bangalore. I was eager to experience a new life in a different country and to meet different types of people but at the same time I was afraid because I would be far away from my family and SEA family.

I experienced a lot of things while coming here….

Firstly, living an independent life was entirely new for me because in Nepal we all were dependent on Tara didi and Sabita didi. Nowadays I miss them a lot and I miss all my SEA family a lot.

When I came to Bangalore I was afraid, wondering what type of friends and room mates I would get. During my first year in Bangalore, I stayed in a hostel, because SEA hadn’t yet rented an apartment. I was lucky enough to get good friends, as well as room mates who are very good in studies and good natured. I had 3 room mates and all of them were very friendly with me and now we are extremely close with one another.


I left the hostel in September to move in our flat, where Jyoti, Ginisha and Shankar had already been living since May, and it’s great to be together again!

Shankar, Ginisha, Samjhana

I study at PES (People Education Society) College. This university is one of the best in Bangalore. It is very famous not only for the Pharmacy course but also for the (Bachelor in Commerce) and BBM (Bachelor in Business Management) courses.

The Principal of PES is so talented and supportive. He always supports the teachers and the students a lot. He is so active and he always organizes various programs like the Pharmacy week, Yoga classes (for 1 week), Sports day, Aspiration day, etc, which are all very helpful to us and give us more knowledge about our course.

Infrastructure in PES College (Pharmacy)

The teachers in my university are all good and they are very encouraging and friendly too. They also care about the students a lot and help the students if they are having any problem. Some teachers are too good especially our class teacher who is so hardworking and very intelligent, he supports the students a lot… Most of my friends are good and friendly. Some are helpful. Almost all of my friends are good.

Samjhana with one of her classmates

I am so happy that I got a good university, a supportive Principal, caring and friendly teachers and of course helpful and good friends.  I also like my course a lot, I am happy to have chosen the Pharmacy course which I find very interesting.

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