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By Rajindra: Emerging from a tumultuous year!

This year I have been through a storm in life. I have turned 20 and experienced a lot of things in this crucial phase of my life. In May 2012, I gave my board examinations at the end of 12th grade (the equivalent of the French baccalauréat) and I passed with a score of 60%, meaning that I met the eligibility requirements to receive a SEA scholarship to study at university. I got work experience and responsibilities to fulfil for SEA and, in June, I settled down in my own apartment (a small 2-room flat) in Kathmandu. This was like a turning point in my life.


But I could not fulfil my responsibility well. I had all the facilities you can think of: education, food, lodging, clothes and freedom. But I took it for granted and I did not utilize my time well.


And in late 2012, SEA became unhappy with my work and terminated my employment contract. So I had to leave my flat and I shifted back to the SEA Home.


This has had a very huge impact on me and brought about a drastic change in my thoughts. Last year actually I was lost. I did not know where I was going. I had this long standing dream of studying forestry because I love nature and animals.


But that was not possible, as in Nepal there are just a couple of forestry universities, thus, very few seats for thousands of applicants. So I needed to shift my career focus and I went through emotional upheaval.

Rajendra and Hari

Rajendra and Hari

Ultimately, after consulting with my brother and my friends I decided to study management and take a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course (which is a 3-year education program), with business and economics as my major. That was my choice because this course has huge scope for growth and I could earn a lot of money after getting the degree. I have always wanted to enjoy my life along with my career……

economics and business - term image

I chose to study at the Institute of International Management Science (IIMS) in Kathmandu. Why? Simply because it’s the best university in Nepal in the field of management.

Notwithstanding all my questioning I confidently took BBA for my future career as an entrepreneur. And I want to say that I am really happy to be a student of IIMS College because it creates a platform to improve my speaking and presenting skills.


It has been about 6 months that I have been studying at IIMS and it has been very beneficial time. Since the college is fairly small each student can get enough attention from the teachers and we can express our opinions whenever we want to. The management gives us a platform to speak freely and I was particularly happy that I could give a presentation on street children. As a manager we should have many qualities like confidence, mass speaking, body language etc.


Our college’s emphasis is on practical activities and case study rather than theoretical course. Classes are lively which makes them very interesting every day. This is helping me in being interactive and in taking initiative for many things. I have got a lot of knowledge about world business leader like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Indian entrepreneurs.

It has only been about 6 months and I already feel the excitement of being a manager. I hope for good results because I have studied well. Now I have started my second semester class, which is increasingly interesting day by day.

But, fundamentally, I would like to be able to show SEA that I can reliably work for them and that I can provide the assistance that they need in Nepal. Being based in Paris, the SEA Board needs reliable and trustworthy people in the field to achieve their aim of helping destitute kids. Last year they felt that I failed them.

Now I know full well that I have been very lucky in my life and that this may confer responsibility on me. I hope that I will be able to fulfil my responsibilities and that I will touch the heart of sponsors by giving my best both in my studies and in my work.

I would like to conclude by saying that one should always try to never fail the ones who love you very much. This is the lesson that I have learned this year. I feel confident that I can do something after passing my bachelor’s degree. And I am filled with hope and excitement towards my future career. I give all my thanks to SEA who has cared for me since I was a small child, feeding me with hope, love, while keeping believing in me.

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  1. Hi Rajendra, congratulations for your article ! Excellent Job ! Carole

  2. Well written bro!!!

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