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By Anga: My discovery of Dhading

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I suddenly realized that I had to get myself ready to depart. Within a few minutes I got myself ready and the journey started. It was my first visit to Dhading.

Dhading, a remote area, rich in greenery, reminded me of my own birthplace. All that was missing in the scenario were beautiful snow-filled mountains. I didn’t get a sight of any Himalayan Ranges although I had heard of Ganesh Himal. Frankly, the environment was not clear even once during our visiting period. It was filled with fogs and dust. The strong wind that blew every day after 3 pm, shaking the vegetation, creating a dusty vision of the environment is unforgettable.

Dhading Landscape

Dhading Landscape

Whatever difficulties are to be faced by the residents, such as long walks to market or lack of other infrastructures, they can easily be compensated by the fresh, dust- and smoke-free air, clear and unpolluted water, and home grown vegetables and crops.

At least the place is not over-crowded like our Kathmandu city. There is no scarcity of water nor traffic jam. Gradually the infrastructural development is growing.

This place has been mostly inhabited by Tamangs followed by Lamas. Squatters were in large number residing near the river bank, where people are devoted to stone-cutting for their livelihood. The lifestyle is not so much of a primitive type but it’s rather small-scale agricultural lifestyle.

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Those five days in Dhading were memorable and will be memento to me. How can I ever forget those long walks in the scorching heat facing the strong wind.


Anga on a shaky bridge !

Well, I gathered an experience for door-to-door visits carrying a pen and a copy. Raising questions to the targeted kids and to their families was a bit awkward at the beginning but went well after a few demos.

People in Dhading

People in Dhading

Students of Dhading made me realize how important it is to acquire education and not to forget punctuality which might determine a person’s tomorrow. Only hard work, strong dedication, willingness and commitment can result in success.

“Never always look what’s forward of you, try to look behind what’s behind…someone/something experiences a much tougher situation than you” would be my last words to this writings.


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