Aide aux enfants les plus défavorisés d'Asie au travers de programmes de scolarisation et d'hébergement


Junmaya (18) was born in 2002 in Gunsa, a small village of the Sindhupalchok district in Nepal. 

Her father Dhan mane Tamang earns his living by building houses in the village. His wife, Maile Tamang, is a farmer and a house wife. They have 4 daughters. The eldest one is married. The 2 others are Junmaya and Sunmaya and the youngest one is in class 8. They are all very bright students. The father wants his daughters to study further but due to the lack of financial resources he cannot afford it.

Junmaya, and her younger sister Sunmaya (16) were recommended to SEA by Shanker, one of our ex-students who is working as an English teacher in a Nepali medium government school in Gunsa for a local NGO, TEACH in Nepal.

Looking at her academic record and the reviews of her teachers, Junmaya was considered as the gem of the school. She completed her 10th with a B grade and her 11th with a B+, which is outstanding given the fact that – like her sister – she has only studied in a government school.

She studied business management in grade 12. She gave her 12th exams (the equivalent of the French baccalauréat) in May and got a 79% score, which is remarkable : A+ in accounting, A in economy, B in business, B in marketing an C+ in English (which is under stable, when coming from a public school).

She was able to complete her 12th thanks to a scholarship from an organization called HELP which is quite famous in the village. But this organization does not provide support beyond grade 12.  Se was also teaching primary grade students in the school to earn some money.

She is not as outspoken as her younger sister but she speaks when it is needed. She definitely wants to do higher studies.

In June 2019, as Junmaya had come to Kathmandu to leave with her aunt, SEA accepted to sponsor her, as a day-scholar. In August 2019, when she was admitted at the Rastriya Prativa Campus to pursue a Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) in Accounting (4 years), SEA decided to take her in the Home to provide her better conditions for her studies. The Rastriya Prativa Campus is affiliated to CIMA Academics, an institution founded by ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nepal, in order to provide high quality education in  Business and Accounting studies).

In 2019-2020, she terminated her 1st year of BBS in Accounting, but encountered a lot of difficulties in most subjects, mostly due to poor her poor level in English (as she did most of her education in public schools where courses are in Nepalese) and in most subjects very new to her. She successfully integrated in the Home. She participated to the household chores like the other seniors and had good relationship with everyone.

In April 2020, she went to her parents’ village and stayed there during the pandemic lockdown, without being able to follow her classes via internet and hence compromising her ability to catch up…

In September 2020, she came back to Katmandu and decided to stop her Accounting studies and to start a Bachelor in Management Administration at the Makanamara School (her sister ‘s school). She also decided to quit the SEA Home and stay with her sister at their uncle’s house (thereby becoming a Day student for SEA).


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