Aide aux enfants les plus défavorisés d'Asie au travers de programmes de scolarisation et d'hébergement


Sunmaya (16) was born in 2004 in Gunsa, a small village of the Sindhupalchok district in Nepal. 

Her father Dhan mane Tamang earns his living by building houses in the village. His wife, Maile Tamang, is a farmer and a house wife. They have 4 daughters. The eldest one is married. The 2 others are Junmaya and Sunmaya and the youngest one is in class 8. They are all very bright students. The father wants his daughters to study further but due to the lack of financial resources he cannot afford it.

Sunmaya, and her older sister Junmaya (18) were recommended to SEA by Shanker, one of our ex-students who is working as an English teacher in a Nepali medium government school in Gunsa for a local NGO, TEACH in Nepal. He told us that from the group of students he has been familiar with, Sunmaya stood clearly out not only because she is such a bright and hard-working person but also because she is very keen to study further to expand her opportunities in life.

She has a sharp mind and captures the lessons very fast. She always comes first in the class. Her behaviour is also appreciated by the whole school and she was always the first choice in all the competitions the school participated in. She is interested in sports and is good at it as well. Her main difficulty is English. She always says that English is very difficult for her, which is understandable since she has done her studies in a Nepali medium school throughout her life.

She gave the 10th exams (i.e. the School Leaving Certificate, SLC) last April, and got an excellent score of  B+ (72%) ! However, she failed to obtain a grant from the Foundation she solicited to pursue nursing studies (very expensive).

In June 2019, while she had settled in Kathmandu at her aunt’s place, with her sister Junmaya, SEA accepted to sponsor her as a day scholar.

In July 2019, Sunmaya was admitted in class 11 in science at Manakamana Secondary School, in science ; as she encountered too much difficulties in science, she was shifted to   Business.

Teachers were very happy with her performance.  Since she obtained a 70% score in her 2nd term, as a reward she was handed with the sum of 7 500NPR. As she obtained a 72.2%, in her 3rd term, the college decided to provide her free tuitions, as for all students who have obtained 70% or more. She is a very intelligent student and has a very bright future.

With the pandemic, she stayed at her parent’s village during the lockdown and was able to take some internet classes for grade 12. Early December 2020, the school resumed classroom courses. Lately, we heard some contradictory news about her willingness to pursue her studies. Nowadays, after her final class 12 examination, it seems that she would like to pursue studies to obtain a Bachelor in Business Management.

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