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By Pratikcha: Making history at SEA

SEA? What is SEA? What does SEA stand for? These were the questions that I used to ask myself, and, perhaps, there were many others at SEA who were wondering too. But, at least, we all knew the work of SEA. With all those questions in my mind, I grew up watching the good deeds… Lire la suite ›

By Rajindra: A very special trip

Today is May 19, 2014, in Bangalore. We have just shifted to our new flat. But why should I talk about today? Because today is actually a very special day: we are going for a trip to GOA! GOA is a 14-hour trip by bus. I have never travelled that long on bus, and I… Lire la suite ›

By Jyoti : Awesome days in Nepal…

How eagerly I had been waiting for this days to come and never did I realize  the passing of the time. Right now I am in Bangalore but all those memories are still afresh in my mind. How much I wish I had few more days of  holiday to stay there a bit longer, I… Lire la suite ›

By Sarita Junior: Stepping towards a golden gate!

Future is unpredictable. Yet, one can achieve one’s goals by grabbing the opportunity when it comes and utilize it in an effective manner. The famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “The future depends on what you do today” is so relevant in my case. I had been told many times that I would do my higher education… Lire la suite ›

By Christiane Michels: Nepal latest !

In order to read Christiane’s post, please click on the link below ! Pour lire l’article de Christiane, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous ! Nepal_latest-1

By Rajindra: Starting anew on a stronger footing in Dhading

After becoming aware of our concerns about the cook and the tuition teacher who have been working for SEA at the little hostel in Dhading, Principal Sir of Shree Liti School has reacted promptly. He has immediately launched a recruitment process for finding new staff, while saying that from now on he will maintain tighter… Lire la suite ›

By Pratikcha and Sarita Jr.: Spotlight on the children of the SEA Home

As we have been giving daily tuitions to the junior kids of the SEA Home we would like to take time to take stock and provide you with fresh new insights into the kids and their school progress. While reading these comments, please bear in mind that the Nepalese education system places the emphasis on… Lire la suite ›

Exposition vente de photos au profit de Solidarité Enfance Asie

Bonjour, Nous vous invitons à découvrir une sélection de photographies sur le thème « Enfants du Népal ». Le vernissage aura lieu le jeudi 7 novembre à partir de 18h.  Une partie de la vente des photographies, sera versée au profit de Solidarité Enfance Asie (SEA). Ces photographies ont été prises par Elias SFAXI, lors de… Lire la suite ›

By Rajindra: Welcome Chari Maya!

Progress report on Shree Liti Hostel, Dhading. On September 18, early in the morning, I took a bus to take off to Madhebasi, Dhading. It was 6:15 AM. But unfortunately I couldn’t take the camera, as Ekta had taken it for her field trip. At around 8:45 AM, I reached Madhebasi with no discomfort, and… Lire la suite ›

GOA: One spot, two visions! By Jyoti and Samjhana

Fun and family!! By Jyoti Everyone has its own concept of GOA. For me it is one of the best places where to spend your vacation and refresh your mind. And it is especially fun to be in such a place with friends and family. I have been to Goa 3 times and this time… Lire la suite ›

Canicule à Katmandou : Tous à la piscine !

Par cette chaude après midi d’été, les enfants du Home sont allés à la piscine se rafraîchir, nager avec de jolies bouées ! Divertissement visiblement apprécié par tous !

Pour Anne : La métamorphose de Ram Maya !!!

La petite Ram Maya 8 ans n’a plus de maman. Son père s’est remarié et ne s’en occupait plus. Elle vivait avec son grand-père à Dhading dans des conditions d’extrême dénuement. En 2012, Ram Maya a fait partie des 7 enfants bénéficiant du soutien spécial de SEA. Elle a intégré le nouveau projet du petit… Lire la suite ›

Nos réalisations – Mise à jour 2013 !

La page « Nos réalisations » a été mise à jour. Lisez là ! 

By Anga: My discovery of Dhading

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I suddenly realized that I had to get myself ready to depart. Within a few minutes I got myself ready and the journey started. It was my first visit to Dhading. Dhading, a remote area, rich in greenery, reminded me of my own birthplace. All that was missing in the scenario… Lire la suite ›

By Rajindra: Emerging from a tumultuous year!

This year I have been through a storm in life. I have turned 20 and experienced a lot of things in this crucial phase of my life. In May 2012, I gave my board examinations at the end of 12th grade (the equivalent of the French baccalauréat) and I passed with a score of 60%,… Lire la suite ›

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