Aide aux enfants les plus défavorisés d'Asie au travers de programmes de scolarisation et d'hébergement

Étiquette : Solidarite enfance Asie

By Rajindra: Emerging from a tumultuous year!

This year I have been through a storm in life. I have turned 20 and experienced a lot of things in this crucial phase of my life. In May 2012, I gave my board examinations at the end of 12th grade (the equivalent of the French baccalauréat) and I passed with a score of 60%,… Lire la suite ›

Greetings from Dhading!!!!!

Some newcomers to be sponsored: Many more to come ……. By Marie-Hélène and Carole, online from Dhading!

Don’t miss: Rapport annuel 2012/13 de SEA !

Extraits !  Cliquez ici pour accéder au rapport moral en entier L’Association s’est fixée comme objectif de venir en aide aux enfants d’Asie les plus défavorisés au travers de programmes de parrainage (bourses d’études, hébergement, alimentation, soins). Ces programmes ont commencé en 1991, sur une base individuelle, et en 1996, Solidarité Enfance Asie (SEA) a été officiellement créée… Lire la suite ›

By Carole : Welcome to Phool Maya !!!!!

La petite Phool Maya, 13 ans, ma filleule, est enfin arrivée dans le home SEA à Katmandu. Phool Maya était dans le petit internat de l’école Shree Liti à Dhading. Elle a bien travaillé cette année avec un score de 76% en classe 3. Jusqu’à sa prise en charge par SEA en mai 2012, Phool… Lire la suite ›

By Pratiksha: Pathway to fulfil my dream

Life is strange. I am doing a bachelor of Social Work (BSW). When I was a child I always dreamed of becoming a social worker not knowing what that actually meant. I was very much influenced by Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa. As I grew up I began to know about many career paths and… Lire la suite ›

By Naren : Enjoying Internship !

I am doing a Bachelor in International Hospitality Administration (or simply BA-IHA) at P.E.S. in Bangalore. I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor program. For my course, internship is a basic requirement and a key part of the curriculum. All the students of Hotel management are sent for training in the hospitality… Lire la suite ›

By Sarita and Pratikcha: Progress report on Dhading

Pratikcha and I went to Dhading on January 18 early in the morning. Rajendra could not come with us as he had exams. Since we didn’t know the whereabouts of the school, it took us a long time to get there. We finally reached the school in the afternoon. There, we met the Principal of… Lire la suite ›

By Pramilla: Greetings from Sanya Bay – China!

As part of my education (3rd year of a bachelor degree) I had to do a 1-year internship either in Nepal or abroad. My university offered its top 50 students the opportunity to do their internship in China in a 5 Star hotel. Since I ranked 35, I got selected! So here I am, in… Lire la suite ›

By Shankar: A few things to know before coming to study in India!

Lots of students from different parts of Asia (including Nepal) and Africa come to India, especially Bangalore, for graduating and working. The question has arisen at SEA as to whether or not the students (all Nepalese at this point) should be sent to India for higher education. The debate is still going on… My personal… Lire la suite ›

Usha est parrainée à HCA depuis mai 2012

Usha a 10 ans. Elle vit avec sa mère et ses 2 petites sœurs, Nisha et Binisha (également parrainée par SEA) dans un « 1 pièce » à Katmandou. Son père travaille comme ouvrier loin de Katmandou. Le peu d’argent qu’il gagne est utilisé pour rembourser une large dette. Aussi la famille vit-elle à Katmandou sur les… Lire la suite ›

Prabin est parrainé !

Merci beaucoup à Philippe L. pour son parrainage ! Prabin attendait un parrain depuis longtemps … Sa maman Sabita, qui travaille pour SEA dans le home,  a appris l’heureuse nouvelle et est rassurée ! Désormais, tous les « petits » vivant dans le Home SEA ont un parrain ! Tout le monde dans le home et dans… Lire la suite ›

Suman est parrainé !

Suman réalise son rêve : Avoir un parrain !  Un grand merci à monsieur Xavier J. qui parraine deux enfants SEA : Ankit et Suman ! Rajendra va lui annoncer la bonne nouvelle. Ce sera pour Suman le plus beau des cadeaux de la fête de Dasain qui vient de s’achever !   Ankit et… Lire la suite ›

By Anga: Class Trip with ADVENTURE NEPAL

Trip to Tamu, Dangsing Village Development Committee (VDC) , Salyan – organised by ADVENTURE NEPAL (DCRC PROGRAM) It was an adventurous, challenging, joyous, interactive, beneficial trip, which will remain as a memento of my life. It’s very difficult for me to keep the image of that village and the love obtained from my mates during this short period… Lire la suite ›

By Jyoti: my dream has come true!

Bangalore is such a wonderful place that many people dream of studying here to make their career. For a student like me, getting a chance to study in a city like Bangalore is a golden opportunity, which I want to grab and make full use of. I am blessed by SEA, which has supported me since I… Lire la suite ›

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